At Wikus Saw, one of our biggest assets is our team, and we are very fortunate to have such committed employees, who have given so much of their time to Wikus.

At our 20th Anniversary celebration, Wikus Saw acknowledged and recognized the following employees who have completed anywhere from 15 to 20 years of service with Wikus Saw. Combined, the following ten employees have a total of 166 years of Wikus experience, incredible!

Christopher aka, Alex Argote, Production Manager at our facility in California. Alex, in his 15 years at Wikus, has worked his way up to overseeing the California production team. Raul Hernandez, welding operator in Addison. Raul, in his 15 years at Wikus, has become our top trainer in welding and sets the example for the rest of the team with his level of quality and productivity.

Felix Ramos, Regional Sales and Service. Felix, in his 15 years at Wikus, has been the rock in our Texas territory, always making himself available to his customers, helping them in any way that he can.

Sandy Trainor, Customer Service Rep. Sandy, in her 15 years at Wikus, is known for her dedication and “can-do” attitude, specializing in “special” projects.

Heather Izewski, Customer Service Rep. Heather, in her 16 years at Wikus, is known for her amazing Wikus knowledge and has literally grown up at Wikus to become a key member of the customer service team.

Juan Salto, Production Floater in Addison. Juan, in his 16 years at Wikus, has mastered every job on our production team and has proven to be one of our most valuable employees.

Eladio, “Eli” Vital, wide blade welding operator. Eli, in his 17 years at Wikus, is a quiet powerhouse, who has almost single handedly welded all the 2” and over blades at our Addison facility.

Eric Nossal, Service Technician. Eric, in his 18 years at Wikus, has made literally thousands of service calls, coaching many customers on how to run their Wikus blades.

Mike Masters, CTO, aka Sawboy. Mike, in his 19 years at Wikus, has become the Dolly Lama of all things technical at Wikus, if you can’t figure out how to cut something, you give Mike a call.

Markus Lusch, CFOO, in his 20 years at Wikus, has been part of this company’s journey and growth, almost since it began. How many companies can say they have an employee that has been with them since the year the company started….Wikus Saw can!

Wikus Saw is extremely grateful to these employees for their service and investment of time at Wikus Saw! Each employee represents the face of the company and much of our success is attributed to the excellence and experience of our team!
Thank you to all!

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■ Recommendation of suitable cutting parameters
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Please register online at:

WIKUS Saw Technology, Corp.
700 West Belden Avenue,
Addison, IL 60101
Tel: 1-800-369-0447
Fax: 1-877-766-0996

WIKUS Saw Technology, Corp.
700 West Belden Avenue, Addison, IL 60101
Tel: 1-844-WIKUS-4U, Fax: 1-877-766-0996

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