20th Anniversary Event

As August 2019 marked Wikus Saw Technology’s 20th year in business, an accomplishment to be proud of. A little over 20 years ago, the Kullmann family was forced to make a difficult decision, on how to overcome a strained commercial relationship with the exclusive distributor in the US. The decision was the forming of WIKUS Saw Technology on August 27th, 1999. Today one can look back and say that this major milestone has become a precedent to the global strategy that we have today at WIKUS. Today Wikus has developed to be a Global leader in band sawing technology with over 750 employees around the world, and numerous subsidiaries to provide band sawing solutions.

For the occasion, the entire Wikus Saw team, along with their family and guests from the Wikus Global organization, joined together on Friday, September 13th for an eventful day of festivities to celebrate this 20 year milestone.

The daytime festivities were conducted at Wikus Saw’s headquarters in Addison, IL. Upon arrival, guests were personally greeted by members of the Wikus Saw Management Team. A portion of the manufacturing area was converted, with theater seating and a café area, putting guests right at the heart of the organization. The backdrop for the official presentation was the blade welding area, speeches were given from a forklift podium, and the infamous “Saw Blade Man” was on hand, all details that added to the guest’s experience, helping them to truly feel a part of the environment. The message was clear, Wikus Saw is all about the blades!

Georgi Jossifov, CEO Wikus Saw Technology, welcomed guests, specifically recognizing the employee family members in attendance, thanking them for their support. Georgi addressed the Wikus Saw team, highlighting that this is their day to celebrate 20 years of hard work and ccomplishments and expressed his gratitude to the international guests for making the journey to join in the celebration. Many speakers shared their personal stories about Wikus. Dr Joerg Kullmann, CEO Wikus Germany, walked guests down the road of Wikus Saw’s beginning and Michael Moeller, CEO Wikus Germany, set the stage for Wikus Saw’s future. Mo Tungara and Dan Miller, Regional Sales Representatives for Wikus Saw, shared
their Wikus Saw experience. Mo, from a new employee perspective, and Dan, a 14 year Wikus Saw veteran, entertained guests with his funny stories. Frank Gresens shared his experiences as captain of the Wikus Saw ship, from 2009-2016. Members of the Wikus Saw Management Team, Markus Lusch, Michael Masters and Kellie Grengs, relayed stories about their own personal journeys at Wikus Saw, their beginning, as well as recognizing other Wikus Team members that have influenced them along the way. Georgi Jossifov closed the official presentation with a call to action to build on the many accomplishments from the last 20 years and look ahead to the future of Wikus Saw! The emphasis being on further growing with the existing customers and reaching new ones, solidifying and optimizing the company in providing even better solutions for our valuable customers.

The official presentation concluded with a delicious lunch and further opportunity to socialize. After lunch, guests were invited on a tour of the facility and a welding demonstration. It was an incredible experience, especially for family members, to learn what Wikus is all about and to see what their loved one spends their work time doing.

Capping off the day of celebration, on Friday, September 13th, the party! Guests were taken in style, via yellow school bus, to the Arcada Theater in downtown St. Charles, IL. Guests were greeted with the Wikus name in lights on the marquis sign. Upon entering the Arcada, guests made their way to the elevator, which started them on their journey back in time to the roaring 20’s, up to the Speakeasy called Club Arcada.

It was an impressive celebration, surely a memorable occasion! A day that brought the team closer and motivated all for the future!

The 20 years have been fi lled with many experiences and progress. From a startup to global player, a company that prides itself on quality, precision, consistency, innovation and evolution as part of the equation.

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