First In-Person Sales Meeting Since Start of the Pandemic

First In-Person Sales Meeting Since Start of the Pandemic

In the past month, WIKUS had the pleasure to welcome back the entire field team to our headquarters in Addison, IL. The first in person Sales Meeting since the start of the pandemic. It was a gratifying sight, to see the WIKUS Saw Technology family together again. A longed-for opportunity for the team from numerous departments as administration, production, sales and technical to spend time together, to realign the strategic outset and to reaffirm goals. While we had all of the US team present, unfortunately only one of our esteemed colleagues could join from our Mexican and South American operation due to the existing pandemic travel limitations.

The fascinating part we had grown and further reinforced the team, during a global pandemic. While all have communicated with each other via the virtual technologies available, it was the perfect opportunity to get to know each other personally as most had not met in person. To familiarize ourselves with each other and fast-track the personal interaction, we invited a well know speaker to lead the team through a Team Building Workshop. Members from customer service, productions, inside sales, commercial and technical departments participated, in this fun event, to build this energetic team that we have been fortunate to grow during the past year. The workshop focused in on the team building process, understanding communication styles, listening skills, problem solving, collaboration and leveraging members experiences and strengths. Ultimately leading to understanding and communicating effectively to identify quick wins.

Throughout the exercises the team quickly and naturally reinforced their knowledge that communication skills and understanding are an integral part in successful business and personal relations. Resulting in better served customers!

During the next days the US and Mexican team, were able to present the developments within their territories and expand on numerous business opportunities to underline the growth goals. Focusing in on the various solutions from our value offering, to address the needs of the end users. We reviewed the first half 2021 achievements and set the roadmap and expectations for the coming months. Each member of the technical team presented application examples, preventative maintenance tricks and tips, cutting parameter optimization. While the sales team presented to their colleagues their territory success stories in detail, outlook and targets for the coming quarters.

With clear strategic growth goals the team was acquainted with various news on what will be coming, to name a few marketing, merchandising, organizational processes, digital technologies, all tools to further improve our Brand further and engage with our distribution partners and customers.

Exciting presentations, trainings and news from all departments were on the busy agenda. Yet everyone was in high spirits to be part of a group in person again, and look forward to the coming months and years. WIKUS team had a chance to celebrate the many anniversaries we had over the past many months, at a beautiful family style outdoor event at our facility.

Our team continues to be very motivated to grow with you and build. Be sure to reach out to your WIKUS counterpart and ask them about the Sales Meeting and WIKUS outlook. Thank you and stay healthy and safe!


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Tel: 1-800-369-0447, Fax: 1-877-766-0996


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